Montara Watches – The story behind our minimalist watches

We founded the Montara Watches in 2014, but the story behind our minimalist watches goes all the way back to 1932. In just that year, Captain (and great-grandfather of one of the founders behind the Montara Watches) sailed between Copenhagen and Montara, California. His journey was the start of a wonderful story of warmth and beauty. A story that, over several years and generations, has been told from family member to family member.


Montara Watches – The magical city of Montara

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Kristen Rasmussen fell head over heels for the city of Montara with its beautiful lighthouse standing along the coast – a lighthouse that ended up being the inspiration behind our logo, which you will see among other things at the top of all our dials. For Captain Rasmussen, Montara was a magical place where time stood still and gave him peace of mind from the troubled sea. Hence the name of our watch company Montara Watches.


Montara Watches – The idea behind the watch company Montara Watches


When we started Montara Watches, our idea was to produce more than just a watch. We wanted to share the amazing story of Captain Rasmussen’s adventure with the rest of the world. Our watches should be the symbol of his journey. Why we just chose watches as narrators of his story is because when Captain Rasmussen returned to Copenhagen, he was handed a gold pocket watch from his superior to bring the ship safely to port – a pocket watch in a simple and timeless design that became the main source of inspiration for our own watch design.


Montara Watches – The thought behind our watches


Our goal is to produce and design great and stylish men’s watches and ladies watches to suit any event. Therefore, during the design phase of the watches, it was also important to us that you could easily replace the watch straps so that you always have the opportunity to adapt your watch to different outfits and events. At the same time, we wanted to make some practical and durable watches that can be worn for many years. That’s why we chose e.g. to place the crown in the lower right corner of the case instead of the center, as you normally see. This choice is due to both a desire for more aesthetic design, but it is also far more functional because the crown is thus not a nuisance when bending the wrist.

Montara Watches – the materials

We also deliberately chose to protect the watch cases with mineral glass, to make our watches more resistant and protective to scratches. At the same time, all our watch cases are made of stainless steel, which helps to extend the life of the watch because it is kept nicely over a much longer period. Furthermore, the watch cases are only 5 mm thick, which helps to give our watches an elegant and clean look.

Montara Watches – Keeping the adventurous memory alive

But most importantly, the watch on your wrist helps to tell the story of Captain Kristen Rasmussen’s journey to Montara – thus keeping the Captain’s adventurous memory alive.

If you are interested in reading more about the history of our watch company Montara Watches, you can read much more under the ‘About Montara Watches’ page.

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