Watch straps – How to change your flat watch strap in genuine leather

Watch straps – tools to change your watch strap 

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Before changing your watch straps, you must have a special tool, a jumping tool. We recommend going to a watchmaker so that neither watch strap or watch case get scratched. However, if you want to do it on your own, it is best to get watch tool kit for changing straps, there are special tools to do this, and this is highly recommended so your watch won’t get damaged.

Watch straps – Length and width

Watch straps comes in different sizes, you ned ot be aware of the size of your wrist to get the right watch straps size. If you are unsure of your wrist size, you can measure it by seamstress tape.

You can measure the length around your wrist using seamstress tape, it is important tha tyou take into consideration the dimension of the watch case and the lock as well, as this will not be included in the target. Montara watch straps measure in 19 cm without a watch case and lock. In addition, our watch straps are made of genuine leather and fit all of our watch cases. It is important that you check whether the watch strap fits the watch case. To fint the width of watch straps, you can measure between the horns on the watch case. Our width is 2cm.

Our watch straps are designed in a minimalist style that varies from leather straps with and without stitching as well as NATO straps in calm and classic colors.

Note: Our watch straps are sold in size 18 mm to fit our women’s watches and 20 mm to fit our men’s watches.

Watch straps – Varieties and colors

When choosing watch straps, it is important to look at the material. At Montara Watches we take great pride in the fact that quality is always the best. Our leather watch straps are made of genuine leather and our NATO straps are made of durable nylon.

Watch straps – How to change your watch strap

Watch straps comes in different colors and materials. Do you have any doubts which watch to choose? You can find inspiration for the perfect watch to buy either for yourself or as a gift on our online store. And here is a quick guide on how to change your watch straps.

In order to follow these instructions adequately, the following equipment is necessary.

  1. Replacement strap
  2. Spring bar tool
  3. Microfiber cloth or other soft pad

Setting up your work space to change your watch straps:

Watch straps replacement tip #1 – Setting up the work space involves finding a sturdy level surface to ensure that the work space is stable, laying out a soft pad so that the watch is not damaged, and orienting the watch for easy access to the watch straps and spring bars. The strap consists of 2 pieces, a short which is attached to the buckle and a long piece which is punched with the holes for the buckle. The watch is usually place facced down, ( reason you need the microfiber cloth or soft pad to avoid scratching) with the strap unbuckled on a soft pad with the lugs pointing out to the sides. Doing so allows easier access to the strap and spring bars and prevents the watch lens from being scratched. Two pairs of lugs extend out from the case of the watch at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock and have small holes on the inside to hold the spring bars. The two strap pieces are held onto the watch case by two spring bars.

Watch straps replacements tip #2 – Removing the strap involves removing the spring bars, which releases the strap pieces from the watch case. A spring bar is a spring-loaded and telescoping metal rod with double-flanges on each end. The spring bar ends fit into small holes inside a pair of lugs on the watch case. A spring bar tool is a long, thin tool with a forked end which, by engaging and applying pressure to the flanges of the spring bar, compresses the spring bar so that it can be removed and installed.

Watch straps replacement tip #3 – Installing the replacement strap involves putting the spring bars into the replacement strap pieces and reinstall the spring bars between the lugs. Since the spring bars expand when removed, they are wider than the width between the inside of the lugs. This step requires the spring bar to be compressed again in order to fit back between the lugs. The spring bar ends will then need to be placed into the small holes in the lugs to be completely installed. It is advisable to remember and visualize the lug hole’s position on the inside of the lugs because it will not be visible when installing the replacement strap. Generally, the short end of the strap with the buckle is attached to the 12 o’clock (top) side of the watch case, and the long end is attached to the 6 o’clock (bottom) side of the watch case. This positions the buckle in a comfortable spot on the wrist and makes putting on and taking off the watch easier. However, the strap ends can be placed according to user preference.

**Here you can see a guide on how to change watch straps.  You can buy our watch straps today and receive it after 1-2 business days.